Equipment List

Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM)

200 kV Talos Arctica with a Falcon III and Ceta cameras,
Volta phase plate

120kV Tecnai G2 Sprit BioTWIN with a TVIPS F416 camera,
+/-70° tomography holder and Gatan cryo-holder

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
Hitachi Regulus SU8230

Sample Preparation
High Pressure Freezer, Wohlwend Compact 03 for the cryo fixation of biological samples
Freeze Substitution, Leica AFM2 for the dehydration and embedding of cryo-fixed samples
Leica EM GP plunge freezer
Thermo Fisher Vitrobot Mark IV plunge freezer
Balzers BAF 300 for freeze fracture and metal shadowing of samples
Safematic CCU-010 sputter coater for SEM sample preparation
Polaron E3100 critical point dryer for the gentle dehydration of SEM samples
Leica CPD300 critical point dryer
RMC QG-3000EC automated grid stainer

Sample Sectioning
Leica UC7 with FC7 for cryo-sectioning
Leica Ultracut UCT
Reichert Ultracut S with Reichert FC S cryo-box for cryo-sectioning
Reichert Ultracut E